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Useful Tips For Showing Your Home To Sell

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First impressions a very important, not least for prospective buyers of your home. After listing with us, we will be happy to advise you on staging your home to maximize the selling opportunity. Before you put your home on the market, you should follow these simple tips:

Curb Appeal

The first impression will come as the prospective buyer drives up to view your home. Make sure that the outside of your house is not weather, that lawns are cut and free from bare patches, flower beds are neat and well tended. Keep trash and trash containers out of sight unless putting out for collection.

Neutral Colors

You might think bright colors set your home off beautifully but prospective buyers might not share your taste. If the color scheme is more neutral, they will have an easier job imagining what the house will look like when they have applied their own color scheme.


An untidy home is very off putting to prospective buyers¬† so remove clutter and make sure you maintain a clean and tidy home. It may be a good idea to thin out some of the furniture to make the rooms appear bigger. Too many ornaments, paintings or other wall hangings can easily discourage discerning buyers. Don’t leave children’s toys dispersed.


Clear away toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste from bathroom counters and don’t leave wet towels hanging on towel racks or wet face cloths around the sink. Make sure baths, showers and wash basins are clean and free from tide marks or dried toothpaste. If necessary, update fixtures and mirrors.


Make sure countertops are clean and free from clutter. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or clean ones out to drain. Sinks should be clean and unstained. Use air freshener to remove any recent cooking smells. If necessary, update fixtures and appliances.


Make sure that lighting is up to date and shows your property in the best “light” with no dark or shadowed areas. Make rooms appear bright and airy even to night time visitors.

Walls and Floors

Repair any wall damage and cracks and coat with fresh paint. Replace or clean damaged, worn or stained carpet.


Often overlooked are garages. Make sure workbenches, shelving, etc. are kept as neat and tidy as possible. Clean any sump oil or other stains from garage floors.

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