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Want to move? Or maybe you have to move.  Van Horn Realty, LLC can help launch you to your new destination!

We’ll price your home competitively and determine how best to show it off–attracting the right buyer as soon as possible.

Preparing to Sell

There are several things to think about before putting a sign on your front lawn, and probably a few things to do too. Our Real Estate Agents are experts in what sells a home. We’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to make your home the one home buyers will want.  And if home staging is required, we know just who to call.

In the meantime, take a look around your house. Make sure that appliances are in working order. Neglected details can raise red flags for house hunters and make them wonder if yours is a well cared for home.

Now check out the bigger ticket items. Make sure the air conditioner cools, the heater heats, and the roof doesn’t leak.

If you have maintenance issues to address before putting your house on the market, we can help. We keep a list of local contractors that you can call, from electricians to painters to roofers to glass repair specialists who can come to your rescue, no matter how big or how small the problem.

And keep three real estate secrets in mind, “de-clutter, de-personalize and clean, clean, clean!” Ok…that’s five things. You want prospective buyers to project their lives into your house. The best way to help them do that is to clear away most of yours.

  • Pack away personal photographs and other personal artwork or mementos
  • Keep counter tops in bathrooms and kitchens clear
  • Scale down books on shelves. Donate the ones you have read, pack some away and arrange the rest in an attractive manner.
  • Keep floors, carpets and other surfaces clean.
  • Secure valuables. Perhaps in a home safe or bank vault. People like to open cabinets, closets and sometimes drawers. You simply cannot predict people’s tendencies.

A neat and tidy environment can translate into a sale and more dollars in your pocket! Now you’re ready for that signRelax! We’ve got you covered!

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